Welcome to Can’t Tell You Everything Podcast, hosted by soulmates, Kathryn Dyer and Karl Zoltan, who came to be photographers through their battle with cancer. In our lives, we’ve encountered our share of struggles and our goal is to talk openly about our experiences to help others through theirs. Along the way, we will invite our creative friends to also share their struggles and reveal how they’re working through them. Although we can’t tell you everything, we hope we can share just one thing that will bring light to your life.

We formatted the show in a way that everyone can enjoy. You have the option to click “Show More” below the thumbnail, then go to “Quick Guide” to click on the timeline of a topic that interests you. This is good for those of you that don’t have time to watch a 45 to 60 minute video. You will be able to come back any time to watch more.

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